Merging Core Desired Feelings with the Areas of Life

www.RenewYourSpace.comWhen you look at your list of Core Desired Feelings, how do you incorporate them into the five life areas? If you have been struggling to live fully in your core desires, I’ll show you a simple process…

When I purchased the Desire Map Planner last year, I never thought time would get away from me the way that it had. I generally plan with my Filofax, and was hoping to use this calendar system at home. But as time quickly passed, I found so much time had gone by and now I simply use it as a diary. I regret not getting the Evergreen version (you can date it on your own as you go) but for me, I need more space to write.

Instead of using a whole planner to be reminded daily of my CDFs, I now keep them in my Filofax along with the list of Five Life Areas. This is just how my brain works, but I have somehow managed to have one CDF for each section. I have had the same words for the past two years, but I never quite realized how easy it would be to place focus on each section. Here are mine:

Livelihood & LifestyleCreative

Body & WellnessVibrant

Creativity & LearningFocused

Relationships & SocietyExcited

Essence & SpiritualityShakti

Everybody is different in how they process this information. As long as your system works for you and keeps your dreams at the forefront of all that you do, then your Desire Mapping will always be fresh and present. ¬†Play around with the areas and see if changing it up releases some of the limits you’ve possibly placed on yourself.



Renee Weatherford

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