Mind Mapping in a Planner

www.RenewYourSpace.comThere are so many fantastic tools out there to expand our focus and invite ease into our daily lives. Mind mapping has been a long-time practice on how to visualize goals, but this incredible planner system I found brings it to a new level.

Mind-mapping is the practice of placing your thoughts on paper and grouping them into actions. Generally you place the theme at the center and draw a circle around it. From there, you attach many other circles (like thought bubbles) to them until you’ve created a city of ideas, tasks, projects, dreams…

Mapping has become a huge industry of psychological tools for us to focus in on big ideas. As I have taught in my Desire Map workshops, creating Goals with Soul are fundamental to the joys in life.  But in the planner world, I have discovered the best way to map out my weeks with the Life Mapping System.

I stumbled on this fun and functional way of planning about a year ago, when I was trying to create something similar on my own. When I heard about Life Mapping, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for and this amazing woman created a real work of art! (Google “DIY Fish” – Such a brilliant design).  It not only incorporates the monthly, weekly and daily calendars, it is broken down into sections to truly create a map for your life.

I recently downloaded the latest version for the new year beginning from July to July of next year, and I love the new changes she has made to this design. I’ll take you on a brief tour of how I use mine, and how it helps me get through all of the tasks I need to complete.



The first thing I work on is the monthly overview. The designer created this page, not only as a monthly calendar, but it is set up in a non-traditional style so that all days of the week are in alignment. So instead of the 1 2 3 format, it goes in sequence to the weekly schedule (Monday – 6, 11, 20, 27). This is so great because if you have classes on one certain day every week, you can have a glance at how your week will be filled. (Since I am planning a month ahead, I’ll post an update of how this will look like next month).




This is how I use the Month Overview – I have a subject that I focus on every day of the week, and each subject gets its own color. I later break that subject down into tasks using the same color code.




On the flipside, the Monthly Chart has an area to list all of the tasks you want to complete throughout the month. This makes it easy to black out dates that you need to focus on.




Objectives and the weekly chart have so many boxes to plan for different projects. You can literally assign one box for each life event and have so much clarity throughout the month.What I love about the weekly chart, is that I can plan out all of my blog posts. I have the same subjects I write about every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so it makes life so much easier when I can plan week-by-week.




This is my favorite page in the whole planner. I love the color that she’s added this year! When I’m ready to plan my week, this is the area that gets the most use. It is the guide for my work schedule. Appointments and the task list where I need to really knuckle down on…





And finally into the daily plan. This is where the Mind-Mapping meets Life-Mapping in my planner. I can take all of the information from the Monthly & Weekly calendars and then really drive focus into them on the daily pages. Again, there  are tons of boxes to break projects down.  I use my 1,2,3 system here & track water intake. I can see at a glance what blog I’m featuring, what my push goal is and my workouts.  My focus on this particular day is “Business”.  I write my blogs every Thursday and the area to the right is my appointment times.


If you would like to see how I set my Life Mapping system up (this is last years’ deign, but pretty much the same setup) click HERE. And if you’re interested in more of how I have created my soulful goals, leave a comment below.  Let me know if you use mapping in your planning system.



Renee Weatherford

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