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Renew Your SpaceThere are those Newsletters that you can’t wait to open – you always know there’s a goodie inside, and you really love the writing style or information the author offers in their eMail.  Then there are the clutter bugs.  The delicious opt-in you found so helpful, yet you had to pay the price by giving up your eMail address.  You still like them, but you don’t want all of that information filling up your virtual in-box.  What to do?

I face that myself, as a student of Marie Forleo’s B-School, I often stumble upon information that I just can’t pass up.  I become friends with many Entrepreneurs whose work I greatly admire, yet I just don’t have the time to read it all.

As a part the my eMail Zero Action Plan, I wanted to view my subscriptions with honest eyes and remove myself from anything that I knew wasn’t serving me right now.  There are times when I unsubscribe and later re-join when I’m not working so much, but there comes a time when you can only handle so much weekly virtual purging.

With that, I tried out the latest craze “Unroll Me”, which is an app that will crawl through your email accounts and allow you to view all of the subscriptions in your system.  I have heard a lot about this in my groups and from other organizers, so I wanted to give it a try.

There were quite a few things I was not happy with from this service:

  • The first thing I did not like about this service was that you must provide your eMail password.  Granted, they are doing a job for you by cleaning up a cluttered list, but this was uncomfortable for me.
  • Then, the terms read like this – They can access your information at ANY time.
  • They can access your information even when NOT using the app.
  • They can sync and SEND mail… (?)
  • They can ADD to your contact list.

Now, why on earth would an application need to add other contacts to your personal list, and then turn around and send mail without your knowledge?  This is really bizarre – I can see giving terms that they may see your personal information, because they will be deleting subscriptions, but what is the purpose of that kind of activity?

I added an old account just to see what it would do, and I wasn’t blown away with the whole unsubscribe process.  It basically does the exact same thing as I detailed in THIS POST, of sorting by sender and checking boxes.  It is more work this way, but at least you aren’t surrendering your personal information to a stranger.

If you do decide to use a service like this and provide your password for their use, please change it as soon as it is complete.  I just can’t imagine this being used for anything good when in somebody else’s hands.


Take Action Now

If you are experiencing of Newsletter overload, and have just been deleting them every month, because you don’t want the author to feel bad, remember this is your valuable time, and you need to place the time that you have on the things you desire most.  Look at your incoming list with fresh eyes.  Every time you see a new one {even mine!}, check in with how you feel about it, and act on your gut.  You can always go back and subscribe when you know you have more time to read later.






Renee Weatherford

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