Nutritional Renewal

www.RenewYourSpace.comWhen it comes to your nutrition, do you need an overhaul? Sometimes we get off track and need to hit the reset button on our eating and food buying habits.

Here are three tips to renew your space around your nutritional needs by looking into the desires that fuel your soul.

Let’s first look into the kitchen. If a stranger were to walk in and look through the food choices in your pantry and refrigerator, what would they say about you?


1. Scan through your food storage and purge anything that is no longer serving you and your family’s body and mind.


www.RenewYourSpace.com2. Then have a seat with a pen and paper, and write down how you’re feeling in your  body right now. Take into consideration any medical issues you’re having and any other forces that are holding you back. What do these feelings have in common with the food you’re allowing into your body? Do you see any similarities? How do you want to feel that you don’t already feel in your body?

More energy?

Well Rested?

Less anxious?

More Active?

Less Pain?

Less Heavy?


3. Next, plan out your health by adjusting the food and food prep that takes up real estate in your home. Write down what you need to eliminate…  Are you drinking diet coke? Do you always have ice cream in the freezer? Do you need to start preparing lunches? Do you need a dinner plan?


Imagine this…..  Think about how you would eat when on vacation in a tropical location.


You awaken feeling vibrant and excited about your day. You rise and sit on your veranda, watching the sun come up. You have a full, relaxing spa day planned. Somebody walks in with a list of today’s menu choices and you eagerly check the ones that you would like to indulge in. They have EVERYTHING! All healthy, fresh, organic, whole foods and dishes. There is no limit to what you can choose – there is no budget. Simply pick out what your heart desires? What would your choices be?


Write them down. And then the next time you head to the store, bring this list with you. Make healthier choices by using this dream list, and choose the closest items within your budget.


Your health should be your number one priority in your self-care routine. Having a kitchen stocked with food your body and mind desires is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


Take Action

Inventory your Refrigerator, Freezer and Pantry

Purge anything that no longer serves you or is unhealthy for the family

Make your dream grocery list

Plan a day to go shopping with the intention of your nutritional desires

Reap the rewards of renewing yourself



Renee Weatherford

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