Organize The Things You Want To Read In Your Planner

Photo Feb 27, 3 04 38 PMThere are times when I come across information that would be really useful, but I completely miss out because I didn’t write it down.  I somehow convince myself I will magically remember it when I’m ready.  You know the feeling – Ohhh that is so interesting…  I have to go look that up!  But first I have to finish writing this article, run to the store and then pick the kids up from school.”  Um – yeah, not gonna happen…

These days, flashes of brilliance fly by with lightning speed and before we know it, it’s gone or covered up with layers of information that we have to peel off before we remember what we believe may be lost.

After carrying around my Filofax this past year, I found it beneficial to keep a section especially for “Learning”.  Everything that goes into this section is specifically for information that would otherwise be forgotten or written on a piece of scratch paper that I would inevitably lose.  So here are the sheets I created for this purpose and if you would benefit from these, feel free to download a free printable {Here} where you can alter the heading to fit your specific needs.

  • Things I want to read
  • Websites to visit
  • Mentors and Muses (frequent online reading)
  • Research

Do you keep organized notes in your planner that you can reference when you have time, or do you try to keep it all in your head?



Renee Weatherford

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