Organizing Challenges Are So 2016


Hello my friends! I have stepped away from the blogging scene for quite a while to allow enough space in working my zone of genius and transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship.

A few new things moving forward in 2017…

The VIP group is changing. I have thought long and hard about how I want this next phase of my business to become, and the only way that I can move forward is to expand into new and uncharted territory.

This Home Organizing group has been one of my babies since 2010. I opened it after two years of publishing this blog, and it was a fun ride for the majority of its run. Recently, it’s felt slow and stagnant, so this tells me it’s time to move forward.

I love offering inspiration and unique views of renewal, so in order to keep it fresh and fun, I’ll be giving it a makeover.

My love of coaching and psychology will come into play in this next phase. We’ll be focusing more on the self-care aspect of organization; more specifically “Sacred Space”.

I’m also pulling out my signature program in which the four pillars will be my main focus, and share these sacred practices with you:

  1. Renew Your Body
  2. Renew Your Mind
  3. Renew Your Spirit
  4. Renew Your Space


The VIP group will remain free, and we’ll have various challenges / monthly themes. However, my priority lies within the students I am serving within my Course, “Renew Your Sacred Space” as well as those I’m coaching virtually.

I hope you’re doing great, and please drop me a note so that I can catch up with you!

XOXO – Renee

Renee Weatherford

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