Organizing Fitness

When it comes to fitness, organization usually doesn’t come to mind, but there is a certain amount of planning and scheduling if you want successful results.

I am going to enlist the help of a Fitness Coach (and my husband), Tony Weatherford, for some expert advice on getting a good, organized fitness and training routine prepared.

Tony: “One of the easiest ways to prep for new fitness goals is to plan out your workouts with month in view.  I have my recruits print the quarter ahead and fill in their calendars with every workout, meal plan and level-up goals.  If you have four months pre-planned with your scheduled fitness and food you are destined for epic results!  It’s when you go all hap-hazzardly toward getting in shape without knowing where you want to go, when people tend to fall “off the wagon”. The problem with setting new year’s resolutions to get fit is that people don’t have a plan.  I find that the one’s who think about where they want to be in four months have more success in getting results.

After training several academies, I always advised my trainees to stretch morning and night.  Getting a good stretch after you rise in the morning, before your workout, and again before bed will get your tendons working for you.  Drink plenty of water and if you are bad about getting enough water intake, set timers on your phone or watch.  One good investment is a stainless water bottle – figure out your 64 ounce allotment and refill throughout the day.  These are all things you should schedule in for yourself before starting a new routine.

Pre-planning your food intake will take the temptation out of anyone who is controlling their diet.  Knowing which meals you plan to have throughout the week will keep you from spending your calories unwisely.  Sit down at the end of the week and plan your week ahead, taking into consideration the needs of your family and diet concerns.  Using a nutritional supplement is an ideal way to trim your waist while toning up, and it saves a lot of time when you’re limited on a lunch-hour or hurrying out the door before breakfast.

Coming up with a general workout takes planning too. If you use a gym, you will want to meet with an instructor to know what to do. If you are a runner, you might want to do all the steps necessary to train for a marathon. If you are more about working out in the comfort of your own home, Beachbody has dozens of programs that will organize your routine for you. Many of the programs now come with a schedule – a menu of sorts. They come up with a variety of DVD’s to change it up and keep you interested.

Watch these short videos for information on developing a good, healthy routine for the new year, which I recommend to my Ventura Beachbody Boot Camp.  

Thank you for inviting me to your blog today, Renee.”

Thank you Tony!!  Most of you know that I am a total Chalene Johnson cronie and have been enjoying Turbo Jam for years.  I am so lucky to have such a great fitness coach to keep me in check and doing my daily kick-boxing! 
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Renee Weatherford

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