Pantry Purging Project

Photo Aug 28, 8 54 52 PMIn this second week of our Home Organization Challenge, I got a lot purged and donated from our pantry.  I had some resistance for some reason – I would much rather organize your pantry than mine 🙂  However, I got through it and am pleased with the look and functionality for now.

I was very interested in re-creating a new kitchen command center, since I had to leave mine behind when we moved, but I wasn’t able to get all of the supplies I needed in time.  I will keep working on this and give you a final update when it is complete.

Below is my pantry before (I had already purged products) – the shelving is old and will be painted inside and out soon, so I am more interested in just cleaning it up for now and making it usable until we do our renovating.  I made everything look crisp and clean by moving it all forward and grouping like items together.  Front-facing labels may feel OCD but it saves so much time when searching for specific items.

really wanted to add the same Con-Tact liner as in my cupboards and drawers, but my day job got so busy this week I just couldn’t get to it.  I did use tiered organizers for all of my canned goods as well as a few baskets.  I now use these apple baskets to house my packaged goods such as pasta and snack items.  I actually recycled them from my old Boutique, which my customers used for shopping, which we cleaned & lined.

On the inside of the cupboard, I installed dry-erase boards for my information area.  I keep my weekly menu, grocery list, recipes and diet information in here.  I bought this poly pocket by Martha Stewart from Staples to hold my calendar & inventory list, but it was too short for a letterhead sized page so I will continue my search for the perfect setup.

pantry before  Photo Aug 28, 8 55 00 PM


   Photo Aug 29, 7 46 20 PM

Photo Aug 29, 10 10 50 PM

Photo Aug 28, 8 54 34 PM

Photo Aug 29, 7 48 30 PM


A peek inside my fridge – Since discovering my gluten sensitivity, it was a must to get all of the harmful wheat products out of the refrigerator.  We recently joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) from Ojai, which forces us to make the switch to healthy, organic, whole foods.  I keep containers inside to separate different veggies and keep it from getting over-filled.



Total cost of pantry project – $20 for the dry erase boards, shelf liner, command center supplies (to come) and refrigerator containers.  Everything else was cleaned up and re-purposed.

How did you do this week?  Did you make any progress in your kitchen?  What positive changes did you make?  Did you create a family Command Centre in your kitchen?  If you have before / after photos, please share them in our Private Facebook Group – we would all love to see new inspiring ideas!


Products Used For This Project:



Expandable Shelf Organizer

Con-Tact Shelf Liner

Apple Baskets

Refrigerator Bins

OXO Good Grips Air Tight Containers

Dry Erase Board

Chore Planner


Renee Weatherford

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