Piles of Files

Raise your hand if you have a file pile somewhere in your space. Yep, I’m pretty sure we’re all hiding one in a corner, on a shelf or over there on that counter. I’ve got one right here on the left side of my desk and it’s been glaring at me all week. I’ve got to do something about this.

Whenever I get this feeling, I have to remind myself of the Homing Technique that I teach my clients, and that’s when I humbly move into student mode. Yes, I teach myself when I’ve gone off course. It’s the perks of being my own boss. And when I’m deep in the throes of entrepreneurship, I can always count on my own advice.

I carefully plan out the free monthly challenges in our VIP Group, however when life throws its curves at me, I tend to sway with it. Instead of challenging you to decluttering summer toys for June, I had a feeling tackling paper was something you could really use as well. So here it is…

NEW CHALLENGE: Renew Your Space by Uncluttering Those Paper Piles


What paper are you hoarding over there? 

+ Notebooks full of old information?

+ Ideas that you’ve pushed back for “some day”?

+ Journals from years gone by that have 3 pages written in?

+ Sheet music that you no longer use?

+ Files and folders, binders and information that has expired?

+ Mail and bills that you’ve been procrastinating on?

+ Trendy planners with no plans?

+ Reference materials that could really help you out, but you’ve forgotten they were in that pile?


The list goes on and on…

So let’s do this, ladies!!! Make a commitment to yourself that this coming week, you will rise above this pile and get to the bottom of it. You deserve the ease, peace and freedom of uncluttering this area of your life and renewing your space.



This challenge will begin on Thursday, June 8th and end on Monday, June 5th. Those who participate will be eligible to win a special surprise! Please be sure to register before June 7th.



1. You must be a VIP Member to participate. If you haven’t already, please join us right HERE

2. Once you’ve joined, get your FREE Ticket to this challenge by registeringHERE *

3. Promise me that you will jump into the challenge each day to share your experience.

4. Set aside the needed time to make this process work for you. It may be 15 min a day or it may take you longer – each woman has her own journey.

5. Learn about how our Challenges Work HERE

6. Remember to enjoy the process. This is a unique way to give yourself the much needed self-care you’re craving.


It’s an absolute pleasure providing this for you. The more you share and participate, the more you will receive from this group.

Renee Weatherford – Your Space & Productivity Stylist

Renee Weatherford

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