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I am always excited when I find new ways to incorporate organizing technology into my life. There is so much new information out there, it makes my head spin just trying to keep up. I find myself bookmarking about 5-10 new websites a day of information I want to research and share with my readers, and sometimes it’s weeks before I can actually go back and enjoy them.

One of my favorite magazines is Real Simple…  Big surprise, I’m sure 🙂  As a Professional Organizer, I need to draw inspiration from resources like this to offer my clients fresh ideas. I am also the proud owner of an iPhone, (which I have lovingly named Eve – you know – Eve & the Apple… kinda lame, but I thought it was cute). Anyways, I think I did back-flips when I found this new app and I had to share this with you because it is free! Since this application is brand new, it is only available on the iPhone right now, but they are in the process of releasing this very soon to other devices.

How cool is this?! If you are a check-list kind of girl, you will love this app because you can create your own daily lists with reoccurring tasks that you can check off when you’re done. It gives you over 30 general checklists that are customizable, and you can also delegate tasks to other people with the point of a finger.

I’ve shared with you in an earlier post about Taking Control of your Life,  by using a Control Journal. Any Family Manager knows the importance of using a control journal to keep it all together, but now you can keep your lists right there at your fingertips. I transferred my Morning, Afternoon, Work, Evening, and Weekend lists to this application and I tend to look at it much more now that I have the option to check the items off as I do them.

If you haven’t checked out Real Simple Magazine yet, and enjoy learning new ways of organizing, home managing and repurposing, you are going to really love it.  I enjoy the website with its daily tips and decorating ideas.  If you are an Ebates member, you can receive 21% cash back and save 55% on 12 issues – that’s only $1.99 per issue – Not too shabby!!

{If you are new to Ebates, and enjoy shopping online, you will actually earn cash credits by ordering through this website.  You even earn $5 just for signing up today!}

Have you ever incorporated family management systems into your routine? If so what has worked, or not worked? Have you found any helpful applications for your phone or computer that make the process easier?

Renee Weatherford

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