Renew, Reflect and Restructure

What an amazing ride we have had in 2011 – I don’t know about you, but I am ready to put that funky business behind me and keep reaching for the stars…

It was a whirl-wind year with many changes for me.  As you well know, I had to put my organizing and writing aside while tending to family.  This left me feeling lazy and unsettled as my ideas and creativity became stifled with passing time.  It also sparked new passions and thought into my true purpose.  My spirituality plays a huge part in everything I do, so as I sat back observing the world around me and my place in it, new life came to fusion.


Yes, I find it ironic to be an expert in time management, yet to be in perpetual search for my own life balance.  But this is what propels me…  in my own adversity and quest for truth, I find inspiration to create and teach.  It is in these reflections, these quiet moments, which I can find the clarity within.

My creative outlets are very demanding, and when I lack discipline in dedication, my equilibrium flops in all directions making it impossible to focus on any.  I am a photographer, writer, organizer, speaker, and teacher.  I am spiritual and love to apply a little psychology and philosophy into everything that I present.  So with that, I claim 2012 to be the year of restructure for the nature of my business.  To gather my dreams, talents and passions together to honor my true purpose.

I just love new beginnings – a new year to make it all right again…  As you can tell, I am in the resolution zone.  Only, I stopped making resolutions a long time ago, and instead focus on my goal-setting throughout the year.  One major inspiration to me is my mentor and fitness instructor, Chalene Johnson, who has just published her book, “PUSH“.   {—–  Really, if you haven’t heard of this book and want to create a clear vision for your life, this is a must-read!  This is how I have been spending my holiday vacation – clearing my head and good old fashioned goal-setting 🙂

Then, there are these…

Photo Credit
Yes… I am yet another addict of the amazingly inspiring Pinterest {especially this little colorful brainstorm & quote at the bottom-left that reads “I love my life”. – ooh, and they have some yummy stuff if you click on the photo credit above, too!}.  I feel magnetized, hypnotized, yet empowered by its presence.  But how truly life-changing a website like this one can be.  I have actually found intriguing things to do just by searching my city on Pinterest.  Talk about a creative way to reinvent date night!
I am fairly new to Pinterest, but while poking around there today, I found a fun freebie by Design Finch that I thought I should share with you.  Just look at these fun print-outs…  {Click Here For Website}.


Yep – pretty awesome 🙂
So with that, I bid you all a joyful, prosperous, glowing new year ahead.  Look for some nice changes coming to Renew Your Space – a little more polished, focusing on articles, speaking engagements and do-it-yourself organizing projects and consultations.
Love you!!! ~ Renee Weatherford

Renee Weatherford

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