Renew Your Health With A Wellness Plan Tracker

If you are experiencing a difficult health issue or have a specific weight goal you are striving for, and it’s been a struggle for to stay accountable, perhaps you need a more creative outlet to track your progress.


There are so many amazing apps, websites and journals available today for health and wellness, but if you’re like me, keeping track of important daily tasks that can be customized makes it much easier to stay focused. I still love to keep my trackers in my planner, so I would love to share what’s been working for me.

I have been working on my weight for quite a while, and I finally said enough of this yo-yo-ing! My home gym needed a makeover and so did my clarity, so I created a very basic check-off list that I can check in on daily.

I track things like taking my supplements, following through with my planned workouts, and prompting me to take dance breaks when I”m working. I also track my Physical Therapy and Miracle Morning practice on this one sheet.

The tracker has space to type in the Month & Dates to correspond with the days of the week. On the left side, there is a column to add your tasks and to the right, a space to jot down notes.


One of the most beneficial elements to this sheet is to keep a record of my hydration. I type in “Pump 1 – 4” and every night, I refill my water bottles and place them in the fridge. Now as I go throughout my day and empty a bottle, I can be proud to have those 4 boxes checked off my list.

Simple, Easy, Motivating…

If this is something that would help you on your journey, I would love for you to download it for free!

Just click HERE and you will be led to your printable.

It is sized for an A5 Planner, but you can customize it to fit whatever you choose.


Here’s to Renewed Health and Happiness! – XOXO Renee

Renee Weatherford

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