Renewal Through Loss and Preserverance

I dug my way out of diversity this past year, and this is how I’m using the experience to renew my spirit.

I am a “glass half full” kind of girl – I live life to the highest potential, even when I don’t want to. I try to stay on the positive side of things. As I’ve learned life can’t be played out exactly as we hope for, we can change the course by keeping our thoughts on the outcome we desire, and I am living proof.  I thought I would share with you, my own renewal process in coping with some recent setbacks. Here is my story…

I have lost both parents to cancer. It is a stark reality that I have to accept – my mom left this world when I wtruthas 25.  An age of growing from the young woman I was, into the woman I have become. There were times when I could have really used that motherly love throughout my life. Those wise words she delivered so eloquently. I miss her hugs, her passion, her sage advice. It would be great if I had some sort of motherly figure who I could lean on when my spirits are low, but I have come to accept that it’s not in the cards for me. Thank goodness for the close relationship to my sister and my sisterly friends who are abundant in my life.  And I am surviving because of their collective, motherly love.

My dad passed nearly three years ago, and though I have experienced a lot of loss in my life, losing him has been the most difficult. Because… nobody on this earth will love me the way that my dad did. He was funny, compassionate, caring and admirable by everyone who came in contact with him. I moved him to Southern California so that I could take care of him in his final year. He called it his “bonus year”. Funny how the Universe gives you the space and time to take care of the things that mean the most. That was a tough year, but I survived because of the presence of his love.

www.RenewYourSpace.comBouncing back from the recession and our adventurous seven-year Hiatus, I have learned the greatest lessons of all – Home is the most precious possession, and developing deep roots in our community is sacred. My husband and I have never been closer. We have grown together spiritually.  Yes – that “New Age” Metaphysical kind of Spiritual… My business has unfolded from this experience, and a tribe of like-minded friends emerged. Struggling for the right work and the right belief before it all came together was a challenge, but I survived because of our love of life.

After settling into our new-found roots, we bought a home, filled it with love and a few months ago, I finally became pregnant. It was something we had desired for years, but because of certain circumstances, we were forced to put it off for a while. After being together for nearly 19 years, we were so excited to finally welcome this new lease on life – we were ready to step into this exciting role.

We thought we were finally free from forces that held us back. People and places that were controlling and confining in our past.  Our new little family, our rules, our sacred space. But because I hadn’t protected myself enough to completely deal with those stressful toxins in our life, I lost the baby at 13 weeks. That was a big blow to my spirit, but I survived because of my husband’s love.

Stress is a dangerous thing. And because of my empathetic “talent”-my Clairvoyance – I have the (sometimes) unfortunate gift of knowing, and feeling, and deeply hurting when somebody near me has bad intentions. I can count on one hand the negative encounters I’ve had with people in my entire life. Not too shabby… But there were TWO very serious encounters just before the miscarriage that have been of the most toxic I had ever experienced. I didn’t expect to be effected so deeply by another person’s actions.

I finally got the message – loud and clear. “Hurt People Hurt People”.  It was time to stand up and face it. I began visioning my life without these dark forces in it. I took them out my thoughts and they suddenly backed away.  I stood in my truth and put my foot down for the last time. Through it all, I know both of my parents are very proud of how I have learned to ground myself now.

Learning to ground yourself when you are an Empath is so necessary to a healthy life, and this was a huge lesson to learn in my process of renewal, (I can go into this more later on.)  Toxic energy can be one of the biggest challenges in your world if you allow it, but you too can survive.  With love.

There are so many lessons I have learned from these experiences. If you are reading this and would like to turn your own pain into renewal, take away this valuable advice:

  • ChakraIf somebody makes you feel bad about yourself, walk away. No matter who they are or how they are connected to you, they are pure toxin if they are not willing to see the pain they are causing to others.
  • Take a serious look at your Core Desires – Do they align with the people you surround yourself with? Stick with those who give unconditional love.
  • Allow your integrity to shine – If somebody has a problem who you are at your core because of jealousy, don’t allow them to take control of your emotions. Be the example by sticking to your own truth.
  • Breathe into your stress – sit quietly a few minutes everyday with your feet planted on the ground and breathe deeply. Give yourself the space to reconnect to your true nature.
  • Allow only love to enter your heart. If you have a narcissistic force in your life, try this exercise:  Close your eyes, open up your Sacral Chakra and visualize all of the blackness to pour out and away from you. Breathe in love and kindness to fill that painful space. Continue this exercise until your energy feels lighter and free.

By grounding yourself through adversity, you can renew your life and shine brighter than ever before.



Renee Weatherford

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