A Renewed Space for Guests


I have always loved the idea of creating a spa-like atmosphere for our guests. Two houses ago, we had the most perfect setup, even though we have always offered a simple space for our guests, the spare bedroom was always untouchable…  purely in existence for one purpose.   However in our newest home, we are no longer interested in having sterile space.  We are utilizing the rooms for our personal use and adding impromptu set-up when needed.

We have found that converting our gym area makes the most sense. It has fairly empty floor space and is adjustable for any occasion. My workout DVD player stand easily converts into a night stand, and I absolutely love this blow-up bed we bought at Costco. It is very strong and rolls up into the size of a small suitcase which is conveniently kept in the closet.  {The most important factor is having a comfortable bed large enough for two people…  I can’t stress that enough – if I’m staying at someone’s home, I would probably rather sleep on the floor than in an uncomfortable bed.}

Our spare closet holds things like our ironing board, upstairs vacuum and items we don’t need to access as often, so we have plenty of space for company to move in.  This is also where we house extra sheets, towels and products for them to use.

Here is a welcome basket idea I am working on – how cute would this be with custom labels!  I love having a little surprise for them before they get here, and try to customize the experience for each guest.


A Gorgeous Pinterest Find

I remove what I can from the gym while preparing for our company to create more space, (simple enough with my portable workout equipment).  Adding some fresh flowers and a scented candle completes the look and feel for a night or weekend.


How did you do in renewing the space intended for guests?  Did you come across any great ideas on Pinterest?  I sure did – I added them to the compilation of pins for this challenge.  Check out all the great pins I’ve found to inspire this area of your home {click here}.

Renee Weatherford

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