Reusable Vacation Packing List

I just returned from an amazing mini Vacay to San Diego, where I had the pleasure of meeting up with a child-hood friend and visited all of those cheesy tourist-traps.

It was one of the most impromptu vacations I had ever experienced – we just hopped in the car and headed south.

Luckily I knew exactly what I needed to grab before taking off because of this little organizational tip.  It is a reusable packing list so that you know exactly what to pack every time, without worrying about forgetting a thing! I typed this up with handy little check-boxes and laminated it.  This list is a dream for any of you list-makers out there.

Using a dry-erase pen to check your items off as you pack is an ingenious way to remember everything.  With a little elbow grease, you can wipe it away and have it ready and waiting for the next outing.  There always seem to be those little things I always forget, that would have made my trip more enjoyable if I just could have remembered them; (I have quite the wine opener collection from many vacations past, after leaving without one).

Now with our Smart Phones, we have reminders right at our fingertips and can take advantage of technology to remember things for us.  Put your hand-held device to work for you by programming in addresses, phone numbers, iteneraries and schedules.  With these, we no longer have to lug extra items around like maps, translators, alarm clocks or address books.

Some tips on what to do before taking off on a less impromptu trip; (these are extra reminders that I have added to my own list):

  • Get out cash
  • Make arrangements for sitter or kennel
  • Print reservations
  • Get directions & program into Phone
  • Program in applicable phone numbers & addresses
  • Set eMail to Auto-response
  • Clean house
  • Laundry
  • Schedule alarm for leave time
  • Confirm reservations
  • Fill up with gas
  • Take out all garbage / remove any food that is about to expire
  • Buy last minute grocery items for trip
  • eMail itinerary to a friend
Here is a sample list that you may print from my free forms – Reusable Vacation Packing List

Just fold it in half and trim to desired size before laminating. If you don’t have a laminator of your own, take this down to your local Office Depot or Kinko’s to have it laminated for a small fee. Be sure to alter it to fit your own needs.

Long gone are the days of free baggage check and generous carry-on limits.  Some airlines are changing their policies to charge a fee to carry on bags that need to be stowed in overhead compartments.  Other ways to prepare for an organized vacation:  Pare down your items so that you have not only a lighter load, but less baggage. Some things you might want to opt out of packing:

  • Full sized makeup – Save those little samples and bonus items to bring with you on vacation.
  • Bulky containers – Any drug store carries a wide array of travel-sized containers that are also airline approved.  Transfer your shampoos and body wash into smaller, squeezable containers.
  • Double-up on uses – Use your body wash as shaving cream
  • Choose outfits that are inter-changeable and can easily be worn more than once without showing wear.
  • Bring only shoes that can be worn with several outfits and can double in style and comfort.
  • Lay out the clothes you want to bring and put 1/3 of that pile back!  Chances are you will end up wearing the same outfits more than once.

Renee Weatherford

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