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Photo Sep 01, 9 29 45 AMI took this week’s Challenge and ran with it, as I wanted to give my planner an update and really narrow down the subjects in it.  I use a paper planner as my main calendar and keep all of my scheduled appointments, life goals and projects in one place.  Although I have a large dry-erase board hung in my home office (for my family to view at-a-glance what is coming up in the month ahead), I transfer all of it to my planner so that I will always have it assessable.

My Filofax came with six large tabbed dividers and 13 alphabetic dividers for the address book section.  As you see in THIS post, I used the Martha Stewart removable tabs to cover the existing and create my own subjects.  I like doing it this way so that I can change them out as I need to and I won’t have to repurchase the main dividers.

I use each large tab in the front of my planner for life areas that I need to refer to often:

1. My Schedules – Work, home keeping, To Do lists, blog posts, etc.

2. Meal Plan – This is my most important section where I jot down recipes I want to make this week, our daily dinners, my grocery list…

3. Spark – This is my weight-loss tracker where I keep my workout schedule, measurements, weigh-ins and all of the information for my Spark Weight-loss group.

4.  Life Goals – I love to keep a page of every main goal I’m working on and a list of things I can do right now to get me closer to these goals.

5.  Finances – I track our expenses, savings account and big ticket items that we are saving for.

6.  Thoughts – This is my “Brain Dump” section, where I pour out my thoughts about a particular project or problem.


Photo Sep 04, 2 08 54 PM

You can view my entire series about the Filofax by clicking this image


Photo Sep 01, 9 18 29 AM

I create customizable forms and print right on my computer, re-sized, trimmed and hole-punched for every subject.


I use my smaller tabs for ongoing projects that I need to track or reference:


a)  Family – I create a list of things to do for our date nights, or day trips that we can take together.

b) Blog – My Editorial Calendar and anything pertaining to web mastering my blog goes in here.

c) Publish – This section is specifically for my books, workbooks or workshops that are in the process of being written or published.

d) Monetize – I keep a list of my affiliates, passwords and ideas here.

e) Media – Advertising, video, interviews, etc.

f)  Desire – I am currently following Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map and keep all of my group notes and thoughts here.

g)  Shakti – This is my spiritual, meditation, self care guide.

h)  Create – New ideas for crafting and self expression.

i)  Learn – Any research, reading, websites to reference.

j)  Career – Projects that I am working on in my day job.

k)  Vacation – I keep a schedule of upcoming outings, 3-day holidays and planned vacations.

l) LaDeDog!  – This is my Dog Boutique which I am liquidating on eBay.

m) Key – I have a color-coded key that I can reference when scheduling as well as my birthday calendar, previous work history, holidays and special dates to remember, etc.  This is one of my most referenced sections in my planner because won’t have to re-invent the wheel each week.


Items that I use to create my schedule:
Filofax Finsbury Black A5 Organizer
Filofax A5 Size Brown Chameleon Personal Organizer
Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery – NoteTabs (40 packs, 1″ x 1 1/2″)
Martha Stewart Home OfficeTM with AveryTM Removable Color-Coding Labels 72447, Classic, Assorted, 1″ x 2-1/2″, Pack of 90
Post-it Arrow Flags, Assorted Primary Colors, 1/2-Inch Wide, 24/Dispenser, 4-Dispensers/Pack
Map Dot Stickers – Assorted Colors (Transparent – 1/8″ Diameter
Martha Stewart Home OfficeTM with AveryTM Ultrahold Sticky Notes, Assorted, Flourish, 1-3/4″ X 3-1/2″



What do you use for your schedule?  Do you keep a simple calendar or do you have a detailed planner?  Has this week held an epiphany for you?  Share your thoughts or your planner photos in our Private Facebook Group – We would love to see any new ideas that you can share!

Renee Weatherford

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