Self Care Challenge

This month’s Organization Challenge is all about turning within and examining what you need in order to create a Sacred Space for your self care.

October is a month of change – we are transitioning from Summer, kids are back in school, the leaves are falling outside, and the season is morphing before our very eyes. It is a metaphorical time to allow the pieces of you & around you die off that are no longer needed (think tans, energy, ideas, nature), and a metamorphosis for the new year ahead begins.

So for this challenge, I invite you to take stock of the space which you hold Sacred around you, and introduce a series of self care rituals into it. Organize the spaces in your home in ways to assist you in continuing self care throughout the days, weeks and months of Fall.

Are you ready to kick off this challenge in a big way? Then participate with us in the Private Group – share your dilemmas, action steps, DIYs, ideas and progress as you move through this month:


Step One


  • Choose an area where you would like to begin a self-care practice in.
  • This can be a meditation room, your bedroom, bathroom, a comfy chair, an outdoor sit spot, reading nook, vanity, bathtub, etc.
  • Look this space over with new eyes – see it as though you are just seeing it for the very first time. Examine every inch of it, searching for ways you would like to renew it for the purpose of your self care.
  • Question how this space makes you feel. Do you have any negative or irritable thoughts about this space or items in it? Ask yourself why you have these feelings. It may be that certain objects need to be removed or relocated from this space. Also ask yourself what you would like to bring in to make this space feel more luxurious or calming.
  • Take a photo of this starting point. You’ll love the comparison of what transpires from this challenge!


Step Two


Remove everything from this space – always begin with a clean slate. If there are too many objects in the room and this feels overwhelming, consider choosing a spot that is less cluttered. The point of this exercise is to eliminate all clutter and create a Sacred Space.


Step Three


  • Clean this space with the intention of inviting in your own Self
  • Dust it from top to bottom.
  • Sweep, mop, vacuum the area.
  • Wipe things down – make it sparkle.
  • Cleanse the area by burning a little sage, a Palo Santo stick, oil or incense.
  • Say a prayer to set your intention and invite the divine feminine to play in this space.


Step Four


  • Replace your things by carefully and intentionally choosing new and inspiring ways to display them.
  • Bring in the elements such as fresh flowers, candles, stones or scents to invite ambiance into your space.
  • Filter everything you bring into this sacred space and ask yourself if you truly love, need or want it there.


Step Fivejournal


  • Relish in the Self Care you desire – Decide what you are craving and make some plans to treat yourself as much as you can this month.
  • Come back to this space for inspiration and energy when you are feeling the need to care for your body, mind and spirit.


Step Six


  • Repeat this process throughout your home (and spread it into other facets of your life such as your car and workplace).
  • Take a photo of your renewed space and compare it with your starting point.
  • How does this feel?


What You’ll Need to Renew Your Space


  1. Cleaning supplies
  2. Boxes or baskets for sorting & relocating
  3. Items you would like to replace or decorate with
  4. A good imagination for the time you would like to create in this space
  5. Photos of your before, during & after process.


Some ideas for your Self Care Rituals


  • A pamper kit by your bathtub with body scrub, masque, hair treatment and anything you like to indulge in while you soak in the tub.
  • Bathtub essentials like bubbles, Epsom salts, oils and fizzes. Use beautiful / creative containers and scoops to make the process ultra exotic.
  • A nail-painting station, complete with a foot soak, lotions and hand/foot massage essentials.
  • A space where you can go to just listen to music you love. Singling out a specific nook in your home is a wonderful way to create ritual for this lovely aspect of self care. Listening to music is the perfect way to break a bad mood and put you into a state of joy.
  • Space to go for solitude in meditation, prayer, journaling or to read. Having a “reading nook” is nice, but can you truly escape there? Having an understanding with your family that this is your sacred space for solitude may be just the care you need.
  • A yoga station for morning practice.
  • Install beautiful embellishments around your home, such as tying your curtains back with a tassel or tie adorned with sparkly beads or seashells.
  • Using a nightstand for your self care essentials such as hand & cuticle cream, an eye mask, journals, etc.
  • Keep a case in your car full of pamper items for when you’re stuck in traffic or to use while you wait at your destination.
  • Create a self care drawer at your workplace to alleviate stress and use as a “pick-me-up” when you’re feeling low.
  • Develop a special ritual for morning and evening skin / body care.
  • Install mosquito netting over your bed for a dreamy night sleep.
  •  Print off a list of things you can do when you feel stressed and post it to a wall where you will frequently look at it.
  • Place a post-it on your desktop or work space to remind yourself to breathe, drink water, go within, state your gratitude, etc.
  • Keep a note on your bedside table reminding yourself to do some deep stretching or dancing when you wake up.
  • Set up your shower so that you have all that you need to pamper yourself each and every morning.
  • Create a meditation corner where you can light candles, do some chanting or sit quietly.
  • Utilize a spot in your yard (or a nearby outdoor space) to connect with nature and get grounded when needed.
  • Find a particular space in your home that you are frustrated with and place a love note there with your desires for how you would like to feel there. The next time you pass by it, only think of the positive outcomes you will create in it.
  • Decluttering is a form of self care and should be revisited regularly to maintain a sense of maintenance and well-being.

Create new rules for the various sections of your space. Not every room and closet needs to be used in the traditional sense. Rethink what is possible for what you want to call in to your life.


What other self-care spaces can you think of?


Come share what you’ve come up with in the group! We’re waiting to hear from you!!



Renee Weatherford

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