Six Ways A Planner Can Save You Money

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I never realized that having a planner would save me so much money, but it’s become very clear that I’ve saved some major cash after seriously implementing these systems.

Before keeping a Filofax, I carried the Franklin Covey which had a terrific calendar and daily diary (or to do lists).  These were wonderful at the time and really trained me to look at my goals daily.  However, when I transferred to the Filofax layout with the Life Mapping system, it took my planning to a new level.



  1. You can track your finances right where you do your planning.  This is huge when you are scheduling in your weekend trips, grocery lists, etc.  You can work with your budget right there without having to switch back and forth in different systems.
  2. Keep a record of the gifts you would like to give your family and friends for different occasions.  This is huge because as you’re talking to them, you can make notes of the things they like or want and refer back to it when those special events roll around and you don’t risk purchasing something they don’t need or won’t use.Photo Mar 04, 12 49 30 PM
  3. Your weekly or monthly meal plan can be kept in your planner and accessed right at the grocery store.  Or simply jot in items as you run out so that you always have a running list of groceries you need, rather than shopping without a plan.  That will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  4. Creating an inventory list of regular items you buy for the home so that you can remember what you’ve used up or still have on hand is a wealth of information when you’re about to make another purchase.  Especially with higher ticket items, medication and bulk shopping.
  5. Planners are a great place to store your coupons or gift cards – just punch and label an envelope or use transparent sleeves to neatly store them.
  6. Having a resource at your fingertips for budgeting out your debt or planning out large purchases and vacations is critical.  This can all be compiled in one section of your planner and help you decide whether that spontaneous shopping spree is really worth it when you have your goals clearly defined.

I hope this list gives you some helpful ideas on how to use your planner, and save those precious bucks for the important things.




Renee Weatherford

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