The Birthday Ritual

Renew Your SpaceHave you ever wanted to turn your Birthday celebration into a tradition of intention?  You probably have a Birthday not so close to the New Year, but I am going to show you how you can use this day for a transformational promise in {your} new year.

I love Birthdays – it is a day all our own to celebrate our life.  We have a fresh start – New experiences, a new beginning to a new age.  We have never been as old as we are today, BUT we will never be as young as we are right now!  Heavy stuff here…  I like to  use this day to reflect on my past year and plan for the year ahead. It is my way of setting New Year intentions. Because my Birthday {today!} is only two days before Christmas, I forego the icky resolutions and use this day to decide how next 365 days are going to play out.

If you want to make your special day even more meaningful, here is a way to pamper yourself on your next Birthday:

Renew Your SpaceThe Letter – This is something I have done since I lost my mom to cancer 18 years ago.  She passed away December 21st, (2 days before my Birthday & 4 days before Christmas).  It was such a hard time dealing with the Holidays, but I turned that around by honoring how I want to feel in the coming year by writing myself a letter.  Every year, I read the previous letter to myself and then I burn it.  I spend some time composing a new letter which I will read next year.  This has been one of the most loving things I have ever done for myself because I have the power to set intentions before the new year, and I look forward to this practice every time.

Make Time for the Spa – Draw a bubble bath, open a bottle of champagne and indulge in a nice face mask.  Treat yourself extra special by lovingly pampering yourself from head to toe (hair masque, tooth whitening strips, nails…)  You will feel like a million bucks & you don’t even have to leave the house 🙂

Hydrate – I don’t know why, but I love to over-hydrate myself on my Birthday.  I think this day is the best time to nourish your insides and imagine the purification process taking place

Best Foot Forward – Pick your favorite outfit from the closet, including undies, jewelry and accessories.  As you’re picking out your best, think about how you want to feel every day while getting ready.  Make a commitment to yourself to wear your favorites everyday.

Surrounded by Love – What are your favorite things?  I love having my stones by my side when I wake up in the morning, I wrap myself in my favorite blanket and all of the comforts that put a smile on my face.  Of course, surrounding myself with my favorite people is even better in person or virtually!  I love the power of Google Hangouts.

Map out the Year – Even if your Birthday is in June, using this day to set your year in motion is a fabulous practice to follow. I sit down with my Filofax and pin-point every quarter of the next year. I typically target the change of the seasons to have specific goals met. If I have the time, I will go month-by-month noting action steps. Whenever I have more free time, I will spend half the day getting more detailed. If you dedicate 30 min. to an hour of goal-setting or even coming up with 2-3 wishes in the year to come, you will have a beautiful jump-start to your plan.

Sacred Time – I love having a little time to myself to reflect.  Just to sit with my thoughts and absorb all the love from my friends and family.  Even if it’s just before my head hits the pillow, I like to spend a little time in meditation and concentrate on my breath.

Make a Wish – If I could have just one thing for my Birthday, it would simply be to have a candle.  I don’t even care about the cake (well… maybe if it’s chocolate) lol! Having a candle to make my wish is one of the best treats of my day.


Renew Your SpaceSo, here is my Birthday wish…  I love giving you something every year on this day.  Today, I would like to give you two things.

1. A free 30 day Organizing series of prompts in our Facebook Group.

2. A deep discount on my brand new Desire Map Retreats coming up in February & March.

3. A free A5 Daily Planner Page that you can print and save (Available through December 25th).



Renee Weatherford

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