The Power of a Power Hour {Filofax Friday}

www.RenewYourSpace.comAll of the planning and To-Do Lists in the world cannot create true focus until you set your goals into action. This is how I get it all done and how I’ve trained my Filofax to make it happen…

There is a section in my planner that I dedicate to “driving it home”, and by that I mean buckling down and actually finishing the important stuff.

We can get so caught up in the planning & making our planners beautiful, that it’s easy to glaze over the tasks that must get done while checking off the quick and easy tasks. Simply by writing or stamping in these numbers vertically can be the best thing you’ve done for yourself all day:






www.RenewYourSpace.comAt the top of #1 – write the outcome you want from the most dreaded or biggest task on your daily list. Then use the 3 steps to break it down into smaller tasks leading to completing it.

But this is where you get Crystal Clear on your intention & drive it all home…  Schedule in ONE HOUR to Take Action on Only that. This is your Power Hour. Mark it out in red, or highlight the entire box that clearly defines that you are unreachable, untouchable, busy!

That’s right – you have no excuse when it comes to completing that daunting, dreaded thing lurking in your list.


Take Action

When is your hour of power? Just do it!



Renee Weatherford

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