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Now that we have begun a fresh new year, this is a good time to organize all of the ideas you have floating around for your blog.  You may have already established some form of Editorial Calendar, which is excellent if you are successful in sticking to it.  However, if you have trouble following through with your plan, you might want to re-examine the process.


Let’s begin with a simple brainstorm on the post ideas you’ve been collecting for future blogs:

  • Write them all down in one place, keeping in mind the focus you’d like to go.
  • Try to plan out at least a month ahead so that you never come up short on your scheduled blogs.
  • See if specific days of the week work for pre-scheduled themes.  I have three different areas I focus in my writing, so I have assigned 3 specific days that routinely correlate with each theme, and it has worked very well for me in the past year.
  • Assign a date to each idea – Keeping a dated list will make it easy for you to look ahead and not get distracted from your goals.
  • Consider using a bullet schedule – Here is one that I have created and successfully used for my own scheduling;  {Download a free printable here}.  It is numbered 1-31 for the calendar dates and I simply fill in the days of the week to match up with the date.  There is a space to write the title of your blog and squares to check when it has been posted.  This gives you an at-a-glance compilation of posts so that you can quickly refer back when promoting on your social networks.

Some things that have successfully worked for me in the past year:

  • Keeping a section in my Filofax specifically for post ideas, themes and projects has givenPhoto Jan 02, 10 28 52 PM me an easy way to gather it in one place that is easy to locate.  Every month, I compile my list and decide whether it will work with the current theme.  I then transfer my ideas to the dated planner.
  • Pre-scheduling one to two months ahead has saved me so much time, and I never feel pressed to get a new article published.
  • Routine is key – I write one day a week and strive for two future posts if I can.

These are just a few ways I have been able to organize my blogging time.  How do you organize yours?  Do you have a system that works for you, or do you write when the mood strikes? 




Renee Weatherford

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