Get Organized with a Professional - Virtually

You are craving Renewed Space, but overwhelmed about where to begin...

Scheduling a Virtual Consultation with me will get you thinking about how you want to feel in your personal space, and crystal clear about how to do it.   I work via Video Chat (Skype or Google Hangout) - Interviewing you face-to-face about your specific desires, setbacks and challenges.

I will easily assess your space virtually through the digital photos & video you provide me.  It is so simple to work this way - If you prefer Do-It-Yourself style to go at your own pace, there is no need to disrupt your family by having an Organizer come into your home.  I am like your virtual "Genie in a Computer" - a fun way to work through clutter and set up systems to keep everything squared-away! Whether it's more comfortable getting it done in a day, or setting obtainable goals, I can customize a simple, step-by-step plan for you to follow, as long as you are ready to Take Action.

You will receive my expert Professional Organizing advice on how to make better use of your space or systems, and recommendations on how to achieve it yourself.


Your Organizational Plan Includes:

  • A full questionnaire for pin-pointing your overall challenges.
  • A 60 minute virtual consultation.
  • My expert advice & feedback on making smarter use of your space.
  • Simple suggestions on placement and maximizing what you already have.
  • A step-by-step guide to sort, purge, re-home and containerize your space.
  • One week's access to me (beginning from time of payment)  / Q&A check-in eMails during the process.
  • Organizing Systems / Product Recommendations.
  • One follow-up eMail or video chat consultation after your projected completion.

After our meeting, I will write up your plan and provide you with a personalized PDF workbook to help you walk through your project.  We will also work on a maintenance plan to keep your progress moving forward and abolish any procrastination that my creep in. This consultation is for one space. If you would like to move into other areas of your home or business, each session is a separate investment that can be added as needed.

fade-leftfade-rightImagine Feeling...

  • Clear About Where Things Are and Where They Go
  • Years of Stress Lifted From Your Heart
  • Able to Breathe When Walking Into THAT Room
  • More Abundant in All Areas of Life
  • Healthier & Happier
  • The Experience of Ease, Flow & Freedom

This Is All Possible With Just One Simple Meeting With Me

You deserve to live a life that you love and have always dreamt of.  Imagine walking into that space which has kept your stomach tied in knots for so long, and finally feeling a sense of complete love and comfort.

This video has sound. (Turn down your speaker)

Feel Squared Away  -  Just $150 

By renewing your space & creating a maintenance plan, you will open yourself up to receive.

Let's Do This!

This service is for you if you:

  • Are ready to treat yourself with the gift of Ease & Clarity
  • Love feeling Organized and Squared-away
  • Enjoy Tranquility and Functionality in your Home and Work Space
  • Love Beautiful Space that makes you Feel Good and Inspired when you're in them
  • Been overwhelmed by too much stuff or not enough time in your day
  • Don't know where to begin
  • Want to see more abundance in your life
  • Want to feel as though weights have been lifted from your shoulders
  • Have clutter piles that you don't know what to do with
  • Not clear about what you want in your home
  • Ready to Take Action to live the life that you deserve
  • IMPORTANT: Have access to a laptop or smart phone and an account with Skype or Google+ Hangouts for Virtual meet-up with me

You're probably not a good fit for this service if you:


  • Need longer than a week to complete this project
  • Prefer a system-less Lifestyle
  • Are not ready to Imagine the Light at the end of the tunnel
  • Have family members or room mates that are opposed to change
  • Are not open to Sparking new ideas
  • Do not want to invest in "homework" to get the outcome that you want
  • Do not believe a Professional Organizer can help you
  • Would rather pay to have someone come into your home and physically Organize it for you
  • Cannot create the time to take action
  • Do not believe you can keep up an Organized Lifestyle once you have achieve it
  • Are a true hoarder; (Chronically cluttered is not hoarding & I can help you determine if this is the case, but can absolutely recommend a professional who is qualified to work with hoarding)


Invest In Yourself Today!

Just  $150

Let's Do This!

Important - Please Read:

Because this is a virtual consultation service, there is no refund once the feedback process has begun - However, if you receive the Questionnaire and feel this may not be the right service for you, I will refund your investment in full.  Your 'one space/one week' access begins at the time your payment has been received. Communication must be conducted via eMail only - I do not respond to texts or Social Media messages. All consultations must be booked through my Calendar, by available appointment. Although I do provide coaching & consultation, this is not a psychotherapy session, and any concerns about your mental health during the process, I recommend be handled by your own therapist. By purchasing this virtual consultation through PayPal, you agree to these terms. All rights reserved - all copy wherein is protected by law.

This is your chance to shine, sister!  Taking this first step to feeling comforted & connected with your space will set you free.