Vision Board your Weight Loss Plan

Renew Your SpaceDo you have trouble focusing on your exercise because you lack motivation, and just don’t know where to begin?  You may find a magical muse in a small vision board, which I like to call my “Booty-Busting Body Believe-it Board”.

Posted in the right spaces can help you envision real results.

We’ve all created them – those poster-board layouts full of magazine clippings of extravagance, luxury and lavish lifestyle.  We cut out and strategically place words and pictures verbalizing our wildest dreams.  But they are effective only to the point in how believable they are to us.  Some people have massive success by tuning into visual tools…  their secret is that they feel these images are obtainable.

Renew Your SpaceSo this is how you do it, (and this is just my suggestion), but it’s how the vision board process has really worked for me.  I used my own photos from times in my life where I was the happiest.  I found images of places I want to go and things I want to do when I get to a certain goal.  I find the outfits I want to wear, words that express how I want to feel.  I added my WHY – the reason behind my desire to change my body and health.  I found pictures of the foods that I can eat with my massive food allergies, which helped me to identify any sabotages I had created for myself over the years.

This is what I like to call Body Clutter.  When we internalize our feelings and put ourselves second, we build up self-sabotaging habits.  What we think is what we become, and when our thoughts are negative about our body, actions, atmosphere, food and needs, our bodies will tell the truth in the form of weight gain, allergies and health issues.  So addressing the body clutter, (just as you would address the physical clutter) will renew your atmosphere.  You do this by creating a plan and designing an outcome you desire.  Write a new story, and believe you can live that kind of life.

As I worked on my Believe-it Board, the complete picture which was formed from this cumulative collage gave me a true sense of who I want to become.  It gave me the confidence to believe I could achieve it, and it made me feel inspired every time I looked at it.

I made copies and posted one in my home gym, right in the spot where I keep my workout routines.  It went up on my bathroom mirror, and another copy on my kitchen command center wall.  I keep one on my phone, one on my laptop and another on a secret Pinterest board.  I see it every day, and this is why it works for me.

The best thing about this type of vision board is that I used my sketch book sized paper so that it wouldn’t be too intrusive.  You can use a simple private Pinterest board, or any number of virtual board available online.  A vision board does not have to be a massive poster-board that takes up space, as long as you are able to add enough images to feel that inner spark, you can use just about anything to showcase your desires.


Take Action Now

  • Make a list of people, places, things, food, clothing, and why you want to lose weight or become healthier.
  • Now write down a list of words that describe how you want to feel.  Use magazines, copy old photos or images found online that represent your vision.
  • Then glue them to construction paper, cardboard or whatever you like in the size that meets your needs.
  • Be sure to make copies of your board – if you have to, take it to the office supply store and have them copy it for you, so that you can post it up in all of the areas that will make the biggest impact.
  • Above all, have fun with it!  Let that wave of inspiration spark your creativity.


Renee Weatherford

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