What’s In My Filofax?

www.RenewYourSpace.comI always get this fascinated look of wonder when somebody’s eyes wander over to my planner, during a meeting or workshop. I carry my life around in this binder, so I have to keep it active and interesting for all of the information that it holds. It always surprises me when people say they’ve never had a planner – I guess I’ve carried one for so long that it’s like a part of me. I thought for those of you who are interested, I would do a post on what my Filofax is for and what I keep in it.

Because I’m a business owner and attend a lot of meetings, I keep my planner pretty simple. It holds everything from my personal life to client appointments, so that I can know everything that is going on in my busy day in one glance.

www.RenewYourSpace.comMuch of my scheduling system is in code, so if you were to take a peek inside you might see a lot of colors and letters. I try to use colors that I enjoy looking at and that compliment my cheerful leather binder. I have a Finsbury A5 Filofax – the size is similar to a Franklin Covey desk planner or Day Runner.  I carry such a large one because I like to write out my schedule in full size, and since it is almost a 1/2 sheet of letter-sized paper, it is easy to create my own forms that I frequently reference.

When you open the front cover, the first thing you’ll see is my business card for Renew Your Space. I keep a handful in the pockets so that I always have a few with me. Another pocket holds a quick reference card with information I frequently need to know.  I also keep post-its and flags in here for business.

The first divider you see is a colorful card-stock that I cut to size and laminated. I did the same for all of the dividers in my binder – they each have been labelled with a clear label so that I can quickly flip to frequent subjects and schedules.



www.renewyourspace.comThe first section is where I break down my big goals.  I also keep a running To-Do List for tasks that I don’t complete during the week, marked with a < (I’ll explain that below).

I also keep a few motivational things that I’ve printed out, kind of like a vision board.



This is the largest section of my planner, where I keep my calendar and daily schedule. I use DIY Fish printable day per page calendar system which I purchased on Etsy. I love this system – it has so much detail and space to write.

Each month has a lot of information:

  • A full at-a-glance monthly calendar
  • A monthly chart where I have my weight-loss membership group info (which I just created for my business)
  • A “most important” list for those do or die tasks
  • A week at-a-glance calendar which I use to incorporate my Core Desired Feelings with my schedule
  • A list of objectives for the month – This is a breakdown of my monthly goals
  • Daily pages for appointment scheduling and daily tasks
  • A weekly chart for on-going tasks I need to do during the week
  • A planner page for my Facebook Group posts
  • A note page that I use to brainstorm client meetings
  • A weekly review sheet to sum up anything that didn’t get done during the week


I use a page marker that marks my current day, and I code daily tasks by either leaving a check mark when they are complete or a < mark for those that I couldn’t complete.  If it’s not important, I’ll mark it with a / so that I know I at least looked at my list, and if it has to be transferred to another day, or added to the running To-Do List, (I mentioned, above), then I leave a << mark and I can quickly see what was done, doesn’t matter or still has to be done.




I have this section to track my fitness and weight-loss. I have a brand new Wellness weight-loss group that I’m starting (Click HERE if you’re interested), and this is all of the information that I need to keep myself on track.



www.RenewYourSpace.comThis is a non-negotiable subject for me. If I don’t plan our meals, I can easily get distracted and have a crappy week of calories and nutrition, so I do my pantry inventory, grocery list and recipes in this area every week.



This section is also a major success in my planning process, and has kept us in massive flow and abundance ever since I created it. My system is so easy and fun, I never worry if a bill has been paid or if we’re within budget. I always know what’s up.



With my Histamine allergy, I have to keep close tabs on my immune system. So this section contains all of the Natropath & herbal information I need to balance my adrenals and cells. It’s a must for my overall health.



I love this little space in my planner! It is everything I need to know about my household, like the DIYs I’m working on, house renovations, our wish list, our vacation plans, our holiday plans, our TV show schedule, our garden, and all other helpful forms for our household that I’ve created.



This is where I keep blank planner pages to use when I need to write a note or brainstorm.



I keep my Editorial Calendar, Schedule of Guest appearances, Publicity, Affiliates, and any information that I need to refer back to regarding Renew Your Space.



www.RenewYourSpace.comThis is where I keep client details, plans, and anything pertaining to the Courses I teach, Desire Map Retreats I lead, Workshops I hold,

Space Clearings I am booked for, Professional Organizing appointments and anything else pertaining to business.




This is all of the information for accessing any classes I’m taking, certifications or any information that I want to look up for my business.



Everything I need to access for my Desire Mapping Licensee profile & schedule of Live & Virtual Retreats that I’m leading.



This is anything pertaining to my Spiritual journey



www.RenewYourSpace.comI keep all important perpetual dates, employment information, and cryptic passwords that I need access to.


So there it is! Other than that, I keep my favorite pen (A Pilot P-700 fine tip pen for everyday use), and a blue hi-lighter in both pen loops.  I use the Staedtler fine-tip multi-colored pen set to code my daily pages, and a magnet page-marker to section off months in the calendar.


I hope you liked this post. I know there are a lot of planner-girls out there who love seeing the detail in other people’s planners, and there are many of my readers I know, who have never seen one before. So I was happy to go through my Filofax and Planner Essentials with you 🙂  If you like this, I’ll be happy to do more of a “show & tell” type of blog in the future.

If you would like to see inspirational uses for your planner, or to download free printables for your planner, scroll up to the top of the page & hover over the words “Planner Goodies” to see the drop-down menu. You can also see the forms I have in my Etsy Shop HERE.


Have a great day & Happy Planning!!



Renee Weatherford

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