When Your Notebook Is Bursting at the Seams

Renew Your SpaceB-School is out, but the learning and workshops you continue to opt in for are ongoing.  I am going to show you how to contain all of that important information, and quickly access it when you’re ready for it. A while back, I posted a fun little guide on Creating a Beautiful Notebook – “Filofax Style”.  I had a huge response from our B-School Babes, as we’re all beginning Marie Forleo’s modules – printing dozens of pages and endless notes.   It was apparent after module 1 that with the amount of material produced from each class, we were going to be over flowing before we knew it.


As I continued on in the last couple weeks, I began condensing down, and converting the true gold into a Business Reference Guide.

Renew Your Space

Since the original binder (Martha Stewart brand) was so pretty, I decided on using this for my Business Reference materials.  And since I won’t need to reference a lot of these printouts on a regular basis.  This is where I store all of my most valuable reference sheets pertaining to marketing, finances, advertising, passwords, and anything else that is necessary to run my business. Renew Your Space


I found a close match to the beautiful aqua blue color at my local Staples store, and opted for the 2″ Better Binder.  It really is one of the best binders I’ve used, and this comes with removable file rings – how cool is that! I kept the same key format as my original binder for each module, using the same color scheme tabbed dividers – just tweaked the subjects a bit to coincide with my particulars.


The bigger binder will stay in order of each module so that I can go back through the course at any time, and I added new tabs to the end with other courses that I’m taking.  Every time I add on a new course, I add a new tab and update my key at the front of the binder. The trick to keeping your notes organized when you have more paper than space, is to add more binders as needed and keep the most current and pertinent information at the forefront.  When you have to break away from a particular subject, label a sticky tab so that you can quickly flip right to it.


Renew Your SpaceTake Action Challenge:  Sort through all of those old notes and condense them down.  Chances are, you will not need them down the road.  For the important notes, transcribe them onto a Word document.  By doing this simple step, you will create a ton of new space.



Renee Weatherford

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