Where to Begin With Clutter

Label MakerThere is a big difference between getting organized and addressing clutter. I have some wonderful tips on where to begin when clutter feels overwhelming and how to find space for organization

When you want to get organized, it is impossible when your space is full of clutter. Why? Simply put – you cannot organize clutter. A pile of clutter is defined as “a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass”, which means it has no place to live.


Let’s put this into perspective – Say you have a dining room table that seems to “collect” things. There are probably random objects, bills, jewelry, newspapers, whatever… piling up on the surface, preventing you from having the luxury of sitting down to a clear space.


How did these things get there and why does it keep happening?


If you think about it, all of these things have something in common – they do not have a “home”. The bills need an established spot where they always go, the daily jewelry needs a bowl where they can be kept safe until you’re ready to wear them again, and the random objects have not been told where to go either. Until you establish a place for them to live, they will continue piling up in a heap of clutter.


Once you sort them out, place like items together and create space for each item in your mind, you can begin training yourself to “re-home” them so that your clutter cannot creep back in.


A great way to train your brain to do this is by using a label maker. Labels give your eye something to guide you as you tidy up your space – easily able to put things away when you’ve finished with them and easy for you to retrieve them when you’re looking for them.


Take Action

What clutter piles are lurking in your space? How can you “re-home” these items and create healthy new habits today?



Renee Weatherford

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