Create a Home Cleaning Planner Schedule

RenewYourSpace.comOne of the greatest things about relying on a Filofax is the diversity of information that you can keep at your fingertips. A cleaning schedule is so nice to have just as a reminder as you go through your weekly calendar.

I keep a Home tab divider at the back of my calendar which has all of the information on my home projects. This includes my house keeping. I have a simple schedule that I use as a reminder of daily up-keep and a handy list of tasks that the house-keeper works on throughout the week.

One thing I have come to rely on is adding my own tasks in my routine To Do list. I jot them down on the side of my schedule and just work on a little every day, but the reminder is simply there as something that I can check off.

My big “Tidy Up” day is on Friday, when I crank up the music, dance around the house and do some simple dusting/relocating of items. It’s such a refreshing way to tackle my house after a long work-week, and it eliminates any major cleaning hauls at any given time.

Take Action

If you struggle with getting all of the housekeeping or tidying up done in a week, try to create a workable schedule to fit your family.  Sometimes just creating the plan triggers ease and motivation.

Renee Weatherford

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